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Kubecon EU 2023 - Must Not Miss List

Discover the top sessions at KubeCon EU, curated by Join the cloud-native community's brightest minds to learn about Kubernetes and Authorization.

Gabriel L. Manor

Apr 16 2023
Kubecon EU 2023 - Must Not Miss List

Welcome to the vibrant world of cloud-native computing! is thrilled to be a sponsor of KubeCon EU, the flagship conference that brings together the brightest minds in the cloud-native community. We're excited to be a part of this amazing event and help attendees navigate the conference to get the most out of their experience.

At KubeCon EU, there's something for everyone, with a vast array of sessions covering different topics. We understand it can be overwhelming to choose which ones to attend. That's why we've curated a list of must-see sessions for attendees interested in authorization and permissions. However, we guarantee that every session at KubeCon is worth attending, and this list is just our top picks we want to visit in real-time during the conference.

From developers to DevOps professionals and decision-makers, KubeCon EU has something for everyone. Let’s get ready to take our skills to the next level and make the most out of our KubeCon EU experience. Let's dive in!

The First Day

Welcome to the first day of KubeCon EU! As you make your way through the conference schedule, we have some must-attend sessions that will boost you up into a conference full of fun.


First up, don't miss the Keynote “Cappucci-Know”, where leading end users across the European Union will share their insights and success stories with cloud native technologies. This session will dive into overcoming challenges, navigating regulations, and fostering collaboration within the EU’s cloud native ecosystem.

Next, join Jim Bugwadia and Frank Jogeleit for "Policy Matters!" as they provide an overview of the Policy Working Group's projects, deliverables, and activities. They will also deep dive into the Policy Report API, which is being proposed as a standard by the Policy WG to unify policy observability across different areas of Kubernetes security and automation. This is an opportunity to learn, contribute, and share in the areas of policy, governance, and compliance!

Feeling adventurous? Join Whitney Lee and Viktor Farcic on a "Treacherous Trek to Development" in a Choose Your Own Adventure-style talk. Help guide our hero application as it makes cascading choices in container build strategy, image registries, application configuration, database management, and more. This interactive session will keep you on your toes and demonstrate Kubernetes-native development in action.

For those interested in security, join Cailyn Edwards for "Canals and Bridges: Using Amsterdam's Transit System to Secure K8s Networks." This talk uses Amsterdam's intricate network of canals and bridges to visualize the benefits and challenges of securing a Kubernetes network. Edwards will share methods for planning and implementing a strong security strategy, useful network monitoring tools, and ways to make the most of NetworkPolicies.

Finally, join Jimmy Mesta for "RBAC to the Future: Untangling Authorization in Kubernetes." This session will cover the essential pillars of designing an effective, least permissive RBAC strategy for the enterprise. Attendees will gain a better understanding of RBAC's inner workings, explore some lesser-known RBAC gotchas, and learn how to build and monitor least privilege RBAC configurations within Kubernetes.

With these sessions, you'll be well on your way to a productive and exciting first day at KubeCon EU. Don't forget to stop by's booth at the KubeKrawl party to grab a drink and say hello!

The Second Day

Welcome back to the second day of the KubeCon EU! Today, we have an exciting lineup of sessions that are sure to blow your mind ;)

First up, we have "Back to the Future: Next-Generation Cloud Native Security" by Matt Jarvis from Snyk and Andrew Martin from Control Plane. Security is an ever-evolving challenge, and this talk promises to explore what security might look like in the cloud ecosystem of the future. We'll examine how emerging technologies like hardware, cryptography, architecture, and software development patterns will impact security. This talk is a great fit for those who value innovation and staying ahead of the curve.

Next, we have "Telepresence Case Studies: From First Experience to Fast Feedback at Scale" by Edidiong Asikpo from Ambassador Labs. If you're struggling with testing and debugging your microservice-based application in a remote Kubernetes environment, this session is for you. Edidiong will showcase how adopting the open-source CNCF tool Telepresence can improve your developer experience, accelerate your inner dev loop, and reduce staging environment compute costs. This session is perfect for those who value productivity and optimizing developer workflows.

Following that, we have "Building a Successful Business in Cloud Native" by a panel of practitioners and entrepreneurs: Liz Rice from Isovalent, Guillermo Rauch from Vercel, Kelsey Hightower from Google, Sheng Liang from Acorn Labs, and Tom Manville from Kasten by Veeam. This panel discussion will focus on how start-ups and smaller vendors can thrive within the cloud native ecosystem. We'll explore the role of open-source projects and how vendors can make their products appeal to a community centered around open source. If you're interested in the business side of cloud native technologies, this is a session you won't want to miss.

For those who are interested in security, we have "Guardians of the Runtime: Leveraging Behavioral Analysis and Policies" by Ben Hirschberg from ARMO. This talk will delve into an innovative approach to securing Kubernetes clusters using behavior analysis during continuous integration testing and generating native policies based on behavior. You'll learn how to integrate behavioral analysis into CI testing and how to use native policies to enforce security policies within Kubernetes. This session is perfect for those who value security and staying up to date with the latest threats.

Lastly, we have a special treat: the world premiere of "Inside Envoy - The Proxy for the Future" , a documentary film screening. Join us for a captivating behind-the-scenes look at the origins and rapid ascent of one of the most significant open-source projects in the community today: Envoy. You'll witness firsthand how the project emerged as an in-house solution within ride-share giant Lyft, before rapidly evolving into an innovation that has defined the careers of those who helped create a proxy that fundamentally transformed the industry. This session is perfect for those who value the history and evolution of open-source projects.

The Third Day

On the third day of KubeCon EU, we have some sessions that we highly recommend attending! The keynote by Aparna Subramanian, Director of Production Engineering at Shopify, will tackle the question that's been on everyone's minds: Is Kubernetes Delivering on its Promise? Get candid insights from end-users on the value they have derived from this ubiquitous technology and the strategies that they use to make the most out of it.

Another must-attend session is by Rich Burroughs, host of the Kube Cuddle Podcast, and Kaslin Fields, co-host of the Kubernetes Podcast from Google, where they will share their experiences and lessons learned from the cloud-native ecosystem's experts. In Build Your Own Path in the Cloud Native Ecosystem, you'll walk away with a foundation of knowledge to help you understand Kubernetes' history, the contributor community, and the value of working with the Cloud Native Ecosystem.

Are you considering or already using GitOps? Join a panel of GitOps project experts, including Priyanka Ravi from Weaveworks, Christian Hernandez from Red Hat, and others, to learn more about GitOps in How GitOps Changed Our Lives & Can Change Yours Too! You'll hear about the usability and complexity issues that come with different tools/solutions and the pain points, struggles, adoption barriers, lessons learned, first-hand benefits, and how it's changed the way they work.

In Securing the Container Supply Chain with Notary, Justin Cormack from Docker and Toddy Mladenov from Microsoft will give an overview of the Notary project tooling's new capabilities and its role in the broader software supply chain ecosystem. They will cover the core functionalities included in the Notary v2 release, typical scenarios that can be applied, and integrations with other ecosystem tools.

Lastly, join Keptn maintainers for an introduction to the Keptn project and how it set sail to be an incubating Kubernetes-native delivery tool. In Navigating the Delivery Lifecycle with Keptn, you'll learn about the Keptn Lifecycle Toolkit, a new sub-project that promises to support users with pipeline-less delivery integrated seamlessly into your GitOps toolchain while bringing observability into your application lifecycle. The session will also cover the latest and greatest features with a roadmap for what's next and provide information on how you can get involved as an end-user or contributor to help us with feedback on the project's future direction. Don't miss these exciting sessions and get ready to level up your knowledge and skills!



Keynote: Cappucci-Know: Percolating EU End User Insights in the Cloud Native Café - Moderated by Taylor Dolezal

Hall 12 | First Floor | Holland Complex

Speakers: Yuichi Nakamura, Sergiu Petean, Kasper Borg Nissen, Taylor Dolezal, Sabine Wolz

Policy Matters! A Policy Working Group Introduction and Deep Dive - Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata & Frank Jogeleit, LOVOO

G109 | First Floor | Congress Centre

Speakers: Jim Bugwadia, Frank Jogeleit

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Treacherous Trek to Development - Whitney Lee, VMware & Viktor Farcic, Upbound

Hall 7, Room A | Ground Floor | Europe Complex

Speakers: Viktor Farcic, Whitney Lee

🦝 Canals and Bridges: Using Amsterdam’s Transit System To Secure K8s Networks - Cailyn Edwards, Shopify

Emerald Room | First Floor | Congress Centre

Speakers: Cailyn Edwards

🦝 RBAC to the Future: Untangling Authorization in Kubernetes - Jimmy Mesta, KSOC

Emerald Room | First Floor | Congress Centre

Speakers: Jimmy Mesta

Back to the Future: Next-Generation Cloud Native Security - Matt Jarvis, Snyk & Andrew Martin, Control Plane

Emerald Room | First Floor | Congress Centre

Speakers: Matt Jarvis, Andrew Martin

Telepresence Case Studies: From First Experience to Fast Feedback at Scale - Edidiong Asikpo, Ambassador Labs

Hall 7, Room C | Ground Floor | Europe Complex

Speakers: Edidiong Asikpo

Building a Successful Business in Cloud Native - Liz Rice, Isovalent; Guillermo Rauch, Vercel; Kelsey Hightower, Google; Sheng Liang, Acorn Labs; Tom Manville, Kasten by Veeam

Hall 7, Room B | Ground Floor | Europe Complex

Speakers: Liz Rice, Kelsey Hightower, Sheng Liang, Tom Manville, Guillermo Rauch

🦝 Guardians of the Runtime: Leveraging Behavioral Analysis and Policies - Ben Hirschberg, ARMO

Emerald Room | First Floor | Congress Centre

Speakers: Ben Hirschberg

Documentary Film Screening: Inside Envoy - The Proxy for the Future

Forum | Ground Floor | Congress Centre

Speakers: Chad Torbin

Keynote: Is Kubernetes Delivering on its Promise? A Platform Engineering Perspective - Aparna Subramanian, Director of Production Engineering, Shopify

Hall 12 | First Floor | Holland Complex

Speakers: Aparna Subramanian

Navigating the Delivery Lifecycle with Keptn - Giovanni Liva, Dynatrace; Ana Margarita Medina, Lightstep; Brad McCoy, Basiq; Meha Bhalodiya, Red Hat

E103-104 | First Floor | Congress Centre

Speakers: Ana Medina, Brad McCoy, Meha Bhalodiya, Giovanni Liva

Build Your Own Path in the Cloud Native Ecosystem - Rich Burroughs, Loft Labs & Kaslin Fields, Google

D201-202 | Second Floor | Congress Centre (Elicium Building)

Speakers: Rich Burroughs, Kaslin Fields

Securing the Container Supply Chain with Notary - Justin Cormack, Docker & Toddy Mladenov, Microsoft

E107-108 | First Floor | Congress Centre

Speakers: Justin Cormack, Toddy Mladenov

How GitOps Changed Our Lives & Can Change Yours Too! - Priyanka Ravi, Weaveworks; Christian Hernandez, Red Hat; Filip Jansson, Strålfors; Roberth Strand, Amesto Fortytwo; Leigh Capili, VMware

G104-105 | First Floor | Congress Centre

Speakers: Christian Hernandez, Priyanka Pinky Ravi, Leigh Capili, Roberth Strand, Filip Jansson

Join us at KubeCon EU!

We hope you find these session recommendations valuable and that you enjoy the rest of the conference. At, we are committed to supporting the open source community and initiatives, and we believe that attending events like KubeCon Europe is crucial to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. If you want to learn more about our open source projects or how we can help you with your Kubernetes deployments, please visit our booth or contact us directly. Thank you for your participation and support, and we hope to see you again at future events!

Gabriel L. Manor

Full-Stack Software Technical Leader | Security, JavaScript, DevRel, OPA | Writer and Public Speaker

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