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Role Based Access Control

RBAC now as easy as checking a box

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Manage access using dynamic roles in seconds with a quick low-code interface

Looking for a more granular authorization
model? Try ABAC or ReBAC

Role Based Access Control

Effortless implementation and management

Create and manage robust RBAC authorization policies in an easy-to-use, fully customizable, no-code UI.

  • 1

    Create a role

    Unlimited dynamic roles with a click in the UI, or a simple API call

  • 2

    Assign it to a user

    Each user can have multiple roles in multiple tenants

  • 3

    Create a resource

    Connect roles to resources and easily mapout your application's logic

  • 4

    Set up permissions

    It's literally ticking a box!

APIs for everything

Create, manage and automate your policies with Permit‘s API. Anything done via the UI can be done with our API as well!

Check Out ABAC Docs

RBAC Policy-as-code generator

We generate RBAC policy-as-code so you don't have to

Permit writes policy-as-code (e.g. Rego, Cedar) directly into Git. Add and edit more code via Gitops

permit (principal in Role::'Admin',action in [Action::'View', Action::'Create'],resource == Repo::'repo.git');

Fully flexible policy modeling

Projects, Envs
and Multi-Tenancy -
All out of the box.

Model RBAC permissions for multiple projects, environments and tenants in one unified interface.

Roles, actions, resources and policies defined for each environment are unique, allowing complete separation between each silo.

Can Permit handle your production scale?

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Zero latency enforcement

in your app

Adding Permit to your app is as easy as calling a function permit.check(identity, resource, action)

Try it yourself. It's free. Test in minutes, go to prod in days.

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