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  • Community


    Up to:
    1000 MAU , 20 Tenants

    Everything you need for:

    • Authorization API

    • Multiple models (RBAC, ReBAC, ABAC)

    • Authorization microservice ( PDP)

    • Backoffice: policy editor, user management, project management, multi-tenancy

    • Permit Elements - Embeddable interfaces (e.g. user management)

  • Pro



    Up to:
    500 MAU , 175 Tenants



    Community features +

  • Enterprise

    Let's talk

    Features in Pro plus your choices from:

    • Single Sign On

    • Custom uptime and support SLAs

    • Compliance agreements

      • SOC2 Report
      • HIPAA BAA Agreement
      • GDPR agreement & hosting
    • Professional Services

    • Advanced Deployment Options
      (e.g. different regions, multi-cloud, ...)

    • On-Prem Deployment Options

    • Anomaly detection and UBA (Early Access)

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  • Hongbo Miao, Senior Software Engineer

    Moving to modern authorization for microservices is no easy feat, but OPAL made it easy. When I was learning and exploring replicator solutions for OPA myself in my free time, I found that OPAL is a very mature solution for the open-policy administration layer and beyond. Their community support is on another level, responding quickly to any question.

    Hongbo Miao, Senior Software Engineer, Tesla

  • Pawel Englert, Tech Lead

    I have had the pleasure to deep dive with the team and discuss our PoC. I was impressed with the team's knowledge of multiple Auth solutions. They explained various options with their pros and cons. Very smart and capable team.

    Pawel Englert, Tech Lead,
  • Matan Bakshi, Founder & CTO

    Building authorization for Buzzer’s call-rep on-demand service was a challenging task, but with we were able to get it up and running end-to-end in just a few days.

    We now have 3 engineers who built services on top of - all of which constantly keep telling me how happy they are with the solution, and how easy it was to use. We’ve probably already saved months of work thanks to the platform.

    Matan Bakshi, Founder & CTO,
  • Tal Saiag, Founder & CTO

    At Granulate we optimize our customers’ most critical systems; as a result, getting access control right is of the highest importance. Full stack permissions as a service allows our developers to focus on their core product, knowing that access control will work well both for our teams and the end customer. I was extremely impressed both by’s technology and its dedication to customer service.

    Tal Saiag, Founder & CTO,
  • Ran Ribenzaft , Epsagon CTO

    At Epsagon (acquired by Cisco) we are no strangers to the complexity of microservices.

    Access control demands of microservices are never-ending, so they require a modern stack that can quickly adapt to the most demanding tech and security needs. provided us with a secure end-to-end authorization solution that saved us months of engineering work.

    Ran Ribenzaft , Epsagon CTO, Cisco

  • Barak Schoster Goihman, Senior Director

    When we build applications, secure access is at the forefront of our minds.

    Application authorization is a huge pain point for companies, as one of the largest and most rapidly expanding attack surfaces. I was excited to discover, which, to date, provides the most advanced authorization solution, based on open-source standards and supporting multiple policy models.

    Barak Schoster Goihman, Senior Director, Palo-Alto Networks

    Palo-Alto Networks
  • Hugo Beaujour, Backend Engineer

    Been using Permit with our project- It's exactly what I wanted. ... It's a small integration, using only granular authorizations. Great job! Be sure I'll keep following the project as it goes on, and keep using it!

    Hugo Beaujour, Backend Engineer , Medicalib

  • Nimrod Sadot, Co-founder and CTO

    Our system is built on dozens of roles and actions that allow full flexibility and serve each of our customers, agents, and partners, as well as our own teams, with the right actions. Permit allows us to maintain the complexity and fine tuning with minimal effort on the code and easy configuration. The team at Permit is fantastic, real experts, with endless willingness to help. I was amazed by their openness to feedback and how quickly they evolved their product from very good to excellent. Watch video now >>>

    Nimrod Sadot, Co-founder and CTO, Honeycomb Insurance

    Honeycomb Insurance
  • Jayanth Vhavle Software Engineer | at Walmart Global Tech India

    OPAL has been a godsend for supporting dynamic OPA data and policy updates. It saves you from the hassle of creating and managing your own bundle server, and the updates can be done seamlessly REST API, a Github Policy Repo that is actively monitored, which are a couple of many other supported ways. The response time of decision requests, and the sync time between server workers, and clients is almost instantaneous.

    To add a few words about the support from team - they have always been proactive in understanding my questions (as silly as they may be sometimes) and providing the right answers/solutions. I greatly appreciate their timely help and support despite their busy schedule.

    Giving OPAL a try is a no-brainer when looking for alternatives to traditional bundle servers. And the best part, OPAL is improving day by day, gathering more and more users!

    Jayanth Vhavle Software Engineer | at Walmart Global Tech India, Walmart

  • Jowanza Joseph, CEO has been a game-changer for us. As an enterprise-focused organization, we recognized our need for advanced permissions and roles early on, and their solution was a perfect fit. Permit is one of the easiest integrations I've encountered, with exceptionally clear documentation that allowed us to focus on our core product instead of reinventing the wheel. I constantly find myself recommending to peers and colleagues - it’s great to have our authorization needs in their expert hands

    Jowanza Joseph, CEO, Parakeet Financial

    Parakeet Financial
  • Malcolm Learner, Senior Solution Architect has helped us a lot to have a well-designed authorization platform based on open standards that we didn't have to design ourselves. Running the PDP with a the sidecar pattern fits well with our containerized micro-services architecture. And, Permit's support has been responsive and friendly. It's been a pleasure.

    Malcolm Learner, Senior Solution Architect , Signify Health

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of dog is your mascot / logo ?

    Check is an Akita, just like the world famous Hachikō.
    The Akita is a powerful, independent, and dominant breed, commonly aloof with strangers, but affectionate with family members. Perfect for access control 😜 .


  • Is there a free version of

    Of course! Our community version provides authorization capabilities up to 1,000 monthly active users. The best part? It’s free forever.

  • What's the difference between OPA+OPAL and is a full-stack-authorization solution - covering all the layers required for building access-control for products and services - Infrastructure (e.g. Policy-engines, SDKS, APIs), Backoffice (the controls the team behind the product needs), and end-user interfaces (e.g. user management, audit logs, api-keys, ...).

    A key part of’s infrastructure is the open-source combo of OPA+OPAL.

    OPA (Open-Policy-Agent) is a generic policy-based decision engine, and OPAL (Open-Policy-Administration-Layer) is a realtime solution to keep policy agents updated with the policies and data they need, in an event-driven distributed fashion.

    When you use’s authorization microservices you get OPA+OPAL as a built-in default.

  • Can I change my plan?

    You can change your plan at any time based on your scalability needs. Billing takes place each month, and any changes will be implemented immediately.

  • Which plan is right for me?

    We know each organization has its own unique needs. If you need help in determining the best plan for you, let’s talk.

  • What are monthly active users (MAUs)?

    Monthly active users (MAUs) are the users you check access for, according to the policies you determine. You can divide MAUs according to your own tenants.

  • Can you pay for monthly? Annually?

    Yes. Both options are applicable (Monthly billing with an added 12%).
    With each pricing step you get a max quota of Monthly-Active-Users

    Multi-year plans are available based on usage estimation.

  • Can I Connect my FGA/Google-Zanzibar solution with (e.g. AuthZed, Ory Keto, Auth0 FGA, OpenFGA)?

    Yes, please contact us to learn more about these use cases.

  • Can I use other policy-agents with (e.g. OSO, Casbin)?

    Yes, please contact us to learn more about these use cases.

  • What SLA and support does Permit provide?

    Community support is available ⁠via our community Slack workspace, and via email during work hours (Sunday to Friday, 7am - 6pm GMT). That said, We usually also respond after hours 😅😇.⁠

    With Permit's free tier we provide a best effort SLA (default: 99% uptime); Pro and Enterprise versions can include a custom SLA, additonal support, and even professional service hours.

    Important note: Thanks to the PDP which you can deploy in your VPC your services' availability isn't dependant on the availability of . Learn more in our documentation.

  • Do I have to deploy the PDP (container) on my own? [Hosted PDP]

    No 😊, we can run a PDP cluster in our cloud for you (in a region of your choice).

    That being said we highly recommend using the local PDP as it gives you reduced latency, removes any availability dependencies, and allows you to manage data security and privacy without uploading any data to Permit.

    Reach out to us over Slack, email, or Zoom to get started.

  • Can I own and manage the Git repository policy code is loaded into ? [Gitops]

    Yes, of course!
    You can even have Permit's policy-editor push the generated Rego code into a different branch than the main one; and have a CI process (tests, benchmarks, CR) before merging into the deployed branch. 💪

    Reach out to us over Slack, email, or Zoom to get started.

  • Do you have a bug bounty program?

    We haven't set up an official program yet, but we take security very seriously, and we will be happy to provide rewards for real, replicable, yet to be discovered security issues, based on severity. 💪

    Please note issues with open-source components (e.g. OPA, OPAL, Broadcaster) should be reported in their Git repositories.

    If you report an issue with (or related domains) please also share which email you used to register for So we can link it in our system.