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FoAz: Frontend Only

Use secure APIs
from the frontend

FoAz proxy accepts API calls, verifies identity, checks for permissions, and adds secrets - allowing secure use of APIs with granular permissions directly from the frontend.

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Use 3rd party APIs without glue-code.

Call any external service directly from the frontend without writing any backend logic.

Add new capabilities to your app seamlessly and securely by integrating any third-party APIs.

Slap on granular permissions to protect your APIs.

Your APIs lack the policy your app needs? No need to re-write them!

Wrap and protect any API call with robust authorization policies like RBAC, ABAC and ReBAC with just a few clicks.

Free yourself from backend dependencies.

Say goodbye to creating, managing, or spending money on hosting a backend server. Focus on your product while improving security.

FoAz acts as your backend proxy, safely injects API tokens, and enforces permissions for you - providing all you need to move fast and safe.

Fast, Efficient,
No-code UI.

FoAz is THE fastest way to integrate permissions into your frontend application.

Save a ton of time and dramatically increase your development velocity with its easy to use no-code UI.

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