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As developers we found ourselves rebuilding access control again and again at the companies we worked at. We knew things had to change, so we started out by building and maintaining open source projects that help developers build and update permissions and access management.



An administration layer for Open Policy Agent (OPA) that detects changes in policies and policy data in real-time and pushes live updates to your agents. OPAL brings open-policy up to the speed needed by live applications.

As your application state changes (whether it's via your APIs, DBs, Git, S3 or 3rd-party SaaS services), OPAL will make sure your services are always in sync with the authorization data and policy they need (and only those they need).



We often want our frontend to reflect the permissions enforced by the backend. E.g. if a user is not allowed to click run the action behind a button - don't show them that button.

OPToggles uses OPA + OPAL to sync open-policy to your frontend with the help of feature flag solutions. OPA is the source of truth for what features users are authorized to see, and OPAL keeps OPA updated in real-time with policy and data updates.

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