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decorative was founded after we found ourselves building Identity Access Management (IAM) mechanisms again and again at the companies we were working at, instead of focusing on core business development.

Since most companies still do that today, we built a full-stack authorization framework that makes it quick and intuitive for developers to bake in access-control into their products and empower the rest of their organization with low-code.

Our Vision


It's clear the future is more interconnected and more automated. We are here to provide the infrastructure to safely enable that future across software and take away the pain of creating these fundamental building blocks.

Our Team


We are passionate about great software, developer tools, open source and amazing customer experiences.
That's why we prioritize end-to-end solutions that have a good UI and are open-source and community-based.

Our Leadership

  • Or Weis

    Or Weis

    Co-Founder / CEO at

  • Asaf Cohen

    Asaf Cohen

    Co-Founder / CTO at

  • Meta


  • Microsoft


  • Rookout


  • IDF intel. corps

    IDF intel. corps

Supported by Dev Leaders

  • NFX


    Gigi Levy Weiss

  • Rainfall Ventures

    Rainfall Ventures

    Ron Rofe

  • Baruch Sadogursky

    Baruch Sadogursky

    Head of Dev Advocacy at JFrog

  • Dan Benger

    Dan Benger

    Co-Founder Codefresh

    Co-Founder Blazemeter

  • Danny Grander

    Danny Grander

    Co-Founder at Snyk

  • Barak Schoster

    Barak Schoster

    Co-Founder at BridgeCrew

  • Idan Tendler

    Idan Tendler

    Co-Founder at BridgeCrew

  • Guy Eisenkot

    Guy Eisenkot

    Co-Founder at BridgeCrew

  • Shimon Tolts

    Shimon Tolts

    Co-Founder at Datree

    AWS community Hero

  • Amir Jerbi

    Amir Jerbi

    Co-Founder and CTO at Aqua Security

  • Benno Jering

    Benno Jering

    Partner at Redline Capital

  • Nitzan Shapira

    Nitzan Shapira

    Co-Founder at Epsagon

  • Ran Ribenzaft

    Ran Ribenzaft

    Co-Founder at Epsagon

  • Omkhar Arasaratnam

    Omkhar Arasaratnam

    Director of Engineering, Google

    Head of Data Protection Tech, JPMorgan Chase

  • Alon Girmonsky

    Alon Girmonsky

    CEO and Co-Founder at UP9

    CEO and Co-Founder at BlazeMeter

  • Cheryl Hung

    Cheryl Hung

    Engineering Leader at Apple

    Founder Cloud-Native London

  • Prasanna Srikhanta

    Prasanna Srikhanta

    Angel investor extraordinaire

  • Ben Dowling

    Ben Dowling

    Founder & CEO at

    CTO at Calm

  • Randall Kent

    Randall Kent

    Co-Founder of

  • John Kodumal

    John Kodumal

    CTO & Co-Founder at LaunchDarkly

  • Ron Rymon

    Ron Rymon

    Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at WhiteSource


We're proud to have been awarded the 2022 Intellyx Digital Innovator Award!

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We're always looking for creative and passionate people to join our team and help us scale throughout the developer community. We have positions in engineering, marketing, design and more.

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